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Maximus III Train Horns

Priced way below competitors, see why the Max III is our number one seller with a large 3 gallon tank for longer blasts.

Maximus III Quad Train Horns

This Train Horn features a huge 3 gallon tank for longer blasts and a quad trumpet for deeper more distinct train horn sound.

Train Horn Accessories by! Loud, Authentic and Impressive!

Welcome to! Here at, we offer a remarkable selection of train horns that deliver unparalleled performance. If you are looking for an authentic horn, similar to those found on actual trains, you have come to the right solution. We offer quality products that will help your train horn stand out above the rest.

Train Horns for Cars and Trucks stands behind the quality of their products. We carry horns, compressors, tanks, selonoids, and pressure switches. We specialize in Maximus train kits for your car or truck that offer the highest quality, the best value and the best sounds on the Train Horn Kit market! Maximus kits are made with high quality components and are tested and proven to last! We offer Maximus I,II, III and the EXTREME Maximus IV kit. Check out our online catalog to find your perfect kit: Train Horn Kits

Why purchase a Train Horn Kit?

The latest trend in Truck and Car Accessories is to setup your vehicle with an extremely loud train horn. The train horn can be heard from a mile away and is substantially loud up close! is dedicated to offering loud train horn set ups for your car or truck. The kits we offer are easy to install and are set up to be used on any vehicle or even a boat!

Many train horn kit providers offer products that have a strong appearance but a not-so-significant sound. At we offer the quality design for the model along with extremely high level sounds that sound just like a genuine train horn.


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