Train Horns for Trucks

What Do we offer Truck Owners?

Those truck owners who want a Train Horn Kit have come to the right place. Although our Train Horn Kits are made for any make or model of vehicle, Train Horns are truly a Truck accessory that all owners should have. So what Train Horns for Trucks do we offer or suggest. Simply put, you’ll rule the road and surpass all of your buddy’s Train Horns with our Max III or Max IV Train Horn Kits. Truly the top of the line Train Horns for Trucks and designed to blow you away with 175 Decibels of Train Horn for Truck power. To purchase your Train Horn, simply choose between our Max III or Max IV and your kit ships today, ready to install out of the box.

Quality Train Horns for Trucks by Maximus Horn Systems!

We stand behind our Train Horns for Trucks and know you can’t find a louder, more affordable Train Horn Kit, period. Our Train Horns for Trucks are made in America and built to last. With countless satisfied customers, you’re only a few clicks away from being the next satisfied Train Horn owner from TrainHornKits.Com.

Why are Trucks better suited for Train Horns?

Installation is easier on a truck versus a car due to increased options for installation. Finding a place to install Train Horns on cars can prove challenging; however, Train Horn installation in Trucks can be simplistic with the added space for equipment.

Where should I install the horns on my Truck?

We recommend installation of the Train Horns facing rearward directly behind the rear bumper within empty space found at the left or right rear quarter panel.

Where do I install the compressor on my Truck?

Most install the Train Horn Compressor and Tank either under the hood of their Truck or under the rear seat of an extended or crew cab.


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