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Maximus VI Train Horn Kits

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Maximus VI Train Horn Kits 
Maximus VI Train Horn Kits

List Price: $1,399.95
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Maximus VI Train Horn Kit (a.k.a. Hammer of God II) Description:

The Beyond Extreme Max VI, a.k.a. Hammer of God II, is the loudest train horn on the market and even rivals actual locomotives.  Compared to the Maximus V, Hammer of God I, this kit comes with a massive 20lb bottle that allows for over 100 ear percing blasts between fills. 

It features an authentic K3LA Nathan Air Chime, valued at over $800, which is the actual train horn found on present day locomotives.  It achieves it's incredibly loud sound through Co2 that pushes 800-1000 psi through a K3LA Nathan Air Chime.  No one has been able to recreate this one of a kind Maximus Horn System that is actually to loud to capture with normal recording devices.  That is right, we have tried to record this horn in action but it is so incredibly loud that it distorts computer microphones, iphones, sony digital camcorders, hd video cameras and more.  This system is beyond phenominal and with our lowest price guarantee and free shipping, you will not find it cheaper anywhere else, Guaranteed.

Maximus VI Train Horn Kit Includes:

  • K3LA Nathan Air Chime (16.5" x 19.75" x 7.75")
    • The authentic Locomotive Air Horn
    • Valued at over $800 by itself
    • Includes Mounting Hardware
  • 201b Metallic Blue High Pressure Cylinder (26.75" x 8" in Diameter w/out Brackets)(26.75" x 10.5" x 9.2" w/Brackets)
    • Produces Over 100 Blasts before needing to a refill
    • Bottle Gauge Included
    • High Flow Valve Included
    • Bottle Brackets Included
    • Note: Compressed Gas must be used to achieve over 200 psi.
  • Monster 12v Solenoid Valve (5" x 2.5" in Diameter)
    • Rated up to 1100 psi
  • 15' High Pressure Stainless Steel Braided Hose
  • Accessories Included:
    • Fittings
    • Relay
    • Toggle Switch
    • Red/Black Electrical Wire

Max VI Product Reviews:

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Hammer of God Lover...

- 12/02/2011

When they say this is the loudest Train Horn, they are not bull shitting. I live by the railroad tracks and my the Hammer of God is louder then the locomotive's horn.

Worth Every Penny!!!!

- 10/12/2011

The Max VI Train Horn Kit is unbelievable. I was skeptical when the sales rep told me there is nothing on the market louder and that no other company has been able to replicate this high pressure system. After getting it installed, I am a believer as th...

Loudest Train Horn I've Heard

- 07/12/2011

Thought this was a little over priced but now its worth every penny. Totally the loudest train horn that I have ever heard. Scare the piss out of everyone, definitely worth the price!!!!

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